This page works as a monitor for all of the unintended problems in the game.  This includes hacks, glitches, exploits and any sort of other problem that directly influences the game for other players and doesn't include intended problems. For example if an overpowered gun is released it won't be recorded on this page since the developers intended on the gun being good.  However if a gun clearly does a lot more/less damage than it is supposed to then that would be recorded on this page.

If you see a bug, glitch, hack, ect. "vote" for it on each page (if you see it all the time it still counts as one vote) and "vote" for the last option (if you don't see any problems in game then just vote for the last option.  If you see somone using an exploit later you can still come back to this page and cast your vote).  This will show how prevelent a particular exploit is so other players will know which exploits to look for in their games.  For example if you want to know how prevelent an auto aim program is you can just divide the number of votes in it's section by the last option to get a percentage.  If a particular exploit becomes extremely prevelent then then that particular section will be changed to how many people are using that exploit per room.  All of the votes will be cleared after each patch (mini patches count but maintenences don't)

This page will NOT be updated until the game is released for open beta in North America however an example of the system will be displayed below.


Bug/Hack/Exploit CounterEdit

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Current Bugs/Hacks/ExploitsEdit

Map Initialization Glitch

Fixed Bugs/Hacks/ExploitsEdit