Shadow Company Glitch01:50

Shadow Company Glitch

This glitch occours when you first try to join a game.  Your screen will switch between two or more viewpoints before settling on one of them.  If you are killed while effected by this glitch blood will appear on your screen momentarilty and you will gain a death on your score.  You can move around by pressing the arrow keys (the direction you will move is either based on the direction your charachter is facing or a default map viewing angle and not the view you see) and ascend by holding space or decend by holding control and space at the same time.  While effected by this glitch you will be able to exit the game, chat to other players move around in a sort of ghost state and see a blank score board.  You can not see other players while afflicted by this glitch so you wil not be able to tell your team mates where your opponents are. This glitch will randomly fix itself and allow the player to play the game.

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